The Meta Players Aren’t Using In Trials of Osiris

    There’s a Trials meta going on that no one is noticing. No one is paying attention. Some players have parts that make up this build, but none of them are doing this. It’s extremely easy, and you don’t have to do much at all, even if you’re a strong believer in D2 selfplay. There are a few steps to do, and it all starts with the Acrobatic Dodge. Hunter, as we know, is the only class in the game that gets Radiant on demand which they can relay to allies. In PvP, this buff gives allies a +10% bonus DMG. For some loadouts, it's more than enough. Your only objective is max 10-tier Mobility which makes the basic Acrobatic dodge cooldown at 1 min 22 seconds. The next thing - is the FROST-EE5, aka the Frostees, which gives you your dodge back in 20 seconds if you’re sprinting. One quick sidenote, though - if you’re not into this thing about learning what gear combines with what abilities, you have the option to use the D2 self play boost instead. This is a service where some experienced players will help you get exactly what you need without you needing to do the research and experiments on your own.

In any case, you can also go the extra mile and add a Stasis mod called Kickstart, which reduces your dodge cooldown to 18 seconds. If you go double Kickstart, the cooldown will go down to 17 seconds. It’s very fast, but it can go even faster than that. For your aspects, when you slide and Knock ‘Em Down ability, you get 5 fragment slots where you should use one for On Your Mark, which is the Solar aspect. What it does is when you activate the class ability gives you the x3 stacks of the Mark, which gives you upgraded handling and faster reload speed for your weapon. Again, if that sounds confusing, just go with the Flawless carry service, and whoever will be working on your order will definitely bring it up. Anyway, there’s more you can do to this build!

Make It Better, Faster, Stronger

     You’re literally this close to being able to pull off the Trials of Osiris Flawless while queueing solo. Remember those aspect slots? Spend another one on hosting the Ember of Solace and Ember of Benevolence. The first one increases the duration of Solar effects, and the second one gives you increased grenade and ability energy (makes them recharge faster) for a short time.So, let’s say you’re running double Kickstart, dodging next to an ally with that 17-second cooldown which, by the way, turns into a 15-second cooldown. All of this you have right now is just the base because next up, we’re going to talk about the weapons! Hell, with this kind of build and some extra time, you might as well be working on your own trials of Osiris flawless boost services.What you have on your build so far is this:

If you look at most cheap Trials carry services out there, most of them are done with Ace of Spades, the best weapon in the game. And guess what? It should be your weapon of choice because, with this build, you’ll be able to spam Radiant Acrobatic Dodge before the gunfight, doing 77 DMG to the head, giving you a very relaxed 2 shots to the head and 1 to the body kind of TTK. But then you’re going to have to reload, which due to a gun perk, will give you crit damage making it 99 DMG to the head.

When the Plan Comes Together

    ​With that in mind, when you’re gunning for the Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Flawless, landing your shots or in the duel, you get to the point where you have to reload, which enables the gun perk. At that point, you’ll have Double Pocket damage perks because you’re going to run around with the gun perk when an enemy blips on the radar. That’s when you pop the dodge and two-tap them on demand. As you go from area to area, remember it’s a total of 20 seconds. There’s going to be time passing in some duels. But you’re going to be sprinting, which means you’re going to have it back in no time.

Because of that, Ace is a monster with this build. A real beast that you should have in your collection. If you don’t, maybe put away your plans for Flawless Trials carries and focus on getting that gun. 

Remember those 10% Radiance damage increase we mentioned? There are a lot of weapons that buff really helps. The Frostees lets you really abuse it, too, for the Trails carries and whatnot. Another thing, when you get into some gunfights and sometimes die. There’s no denying it. But with how the spawns are located in Destiny’s PvP maps, you’ll be sprinting 2 to 7 seconds to get back. By the time you get back to the middle of a map, you can utilize your build all over again! It’s going to be up and running at all times! Talk about Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris recovery all the time, right?

There’s Another Weapon That Goes Well With Your Choice of Footwear

Do You use any weapon that has Harmony in Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris? Well, now, you should! Because they stack with the Radiant buff! So, maybe you run Ace of Spades and Shayura's Wrath. When you get a kill with an Ace, switch to that Harmony weapon and get both of those damage buffs applied to give you up to 30% of the overall boost. Something like Submission, it’s 19 crits at the base,​ 25 per crit with Harmony and Radiant.

The best part is that you can do it all the time you play Trial Destiny 2. Actually, you can go with a double Harmony combo. Then you can keep switching to have both weapons have a 30% DMG increase. For instance, for Wolftone, Harmony and Radiant, make it do 200, making it a one-shot bow. Or you can do a classy Restoration and Kickstart mod. The possibility for your personal flawless carries loadout is endless. You can come up with other effective weapon combos and have your Destiny Trials flawless tracker look like one of those PRO players’ ones. Pair it with the right weapons and have a dominant build with full control over your buffs and mobility. Besides, you can always run into a wall for a couple of seconds just to get that buff going. It’s really wild to have this good of a meta build to work in Trials carrys.

Relieve the Halo Experience

    Now, at this point, you should have a good idea of how this build works and how to make one. But here’s just one more weapon combo for this build that will make you conquer Trials of Osiris rewards this weekend. Try using the Forerunner!

You get 8 shots at the start of each round. The Radiant damage bonus, it will do 75 per crit and 42 to the body, which equals 194 in total. Even in regular 6v6, there’s a possibility that you can two-crit in one body. That’s if they don’t meet the Resilience requirement. In Trials, though, its Power advantages are enabled! If you’re higher level than your enemies, that crit damage will increase! You’ll know how PRO players play when working on those Trials carry Destiny 2 orders. The bigger the Power difference is, the higher your damage output will be. It can easily become 200 instead of 194 of damage.

Sure, the idea here is that you’re sort of a glass cannon - a thing to be afraid of. Another part of this - it's even better when you have another hunter doing this. Have someone run the same build through the Trials carries Destiny 2. At the start, you can trade off who’s giving who the buff to use the Forerunner to pepper the map’s lanes. 

From there, after you get the final blow - dive! It’s going to be pretty quick because you’re going to be Radiant. You’re going to rush, pepper them down with the Forerunner or switch to the Harmony weapon that lasts about 7 seconds of 30% increased damage. These buffs will always be up no matter what because at the start of each round, you’re going to spread Radiant and have it applied to yourself. This makes you play better than those Flawless carry Destiny 2 boys if you have the time to dedicate to building your loadout the way we described above.

In Meta We Trust

    When you have 2 other players rocking the Forerunner constantly giving you the Radiant in the Destiny 2 carry Trials of Osiris, it’s downright crazy. The only thing you need is 100 Mobility, the Frostees with Acrobatic Dodge, and a couple of PRO players with the same build whom you can enlist by using those fancy new carry Trials of Osiris services.

Or you can grab some other weapons and put them to work as well. Those guns with comfortable TTKs, the buff makes it so that your TTK is even better, and you have it up all the time. When it's over, you sprint for a little bit, even if it's sprinting into a wall (if you have to), and you’re back in the saddle. So, again whether you have the time to make that build or not, you can always go with the Destiny trials carries and get that build for yourself to win every match.

Are you interested in other meta builds? Some players argue that each and every season of the game has its own meta builds. This could be true, especially from the perspective of newer players. If you’re one of them, then it is almost recommended that you use Destiny 2 flawless boosting to get your first visit to the Lighthouse. Either way, the meta shake-up is real - something that was OP two-three months ago might not be as effective today. As a D2 player, you must be ready to admit that your go-to build might be out of date. If that’s the case, it might be time to check up on the catalog of your favorite D2 Trials carry providers once more. So, without further ado, let’s talk about 5 more builds that you can use to get your Trials Drops This Week.

5 More for Good Measure

    We’ve talked about a great build that could potentially tear down any lobby, but there’s one flaw with that build - it’s for Hunter class. Even though most players have characters of all 3 classes, we feel it would be fairer to provide some builds for the other classes as well. Keep in mind that these builds are not the ultimate weapon. You can most certainly upgrade them, finetune them or even customize them to better suit your own style. Now, let’s get to it:

  1. Warlock - Well of Radiance, Ophidian Aspect gauntlets, and any shotgun or a sniper rifle. The build is centered around movement and increased melee range.
  2. Titan - Bubble Super, Dunemarchers coupled with any shotgun or No Time To Explain
  3. Hunter - Wormhusk Crown coupled with Restoration Artifact Mod - an S-tier pick for Trial runs
  4. Hunter - a build with the Omnioculus at its core that lets you become permanently invisible (with caveats)
  5. Titan - Loreley Splendor Helm paired with something like a sniper rifle or a shotgun.

Some of these build only require one piece of exotic armor as they prove to be insanely powerful in competitive PvP. So, hopefully, now you have something to work with the next time you put yourself on the line against enemy players. Good luck out there!