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October 9, 2014 -- California's workers' compensation system designed to serve all workers regardless of their gender, race, age or other characteristic. Read more.

October 9, 2014 -- California Again Ranked Most Expensive State for Workers' Compensation. Read more.

May 1, 2014 -- Employers React to Report that "Workers' Compensation Benefits Among the Lowest," Read more.

December 18, 2012 -- Employers Commend Progress To-Date on Workers' Comp Reforms. Read more.

August 17, 2011 -- Bill expanding workers' comp benefits will cost employers $210 million. Read more.

July 8, 2009 -- Statement Regarding Commissioner Poizner's Compensation Claims Benchmark. Read more.

June 29, 2009 -- WCAN members mobilize to oppose millions in increased workers' comp assessments as part of State Budget cost shift. Read more.

WCAN Newsletters

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- WCAN Newsletter: Room for optimism? heremore.

- New Report Takes Measure of California's Workers' Comp. Read here.

- California Uses New Law to Suspend Fraudulent Doctors from Worker's Comp System. Read here.

- Workers' Comp Issues to Watch. Read here.

- WCAN's January Reform Update. Read here.

- WCAN's November 2013 Reform Update. Read here.

- WCAN's August 2013 Reform Update. Read here.

- WCAN's February Reform 2013 Update. Read here.

- WCAN's November Reform 2012 Update. Read here.

- WCAN's October Reform 2012 Update. Read here.

- WCAN Publishes Fact Sheet on SB 863. Read here.

- Governor Signs SB 863. Read more.

- WCAN's briefing booklet updated for 2012. Read here.

- July member update.

- Governor Brown acts on workers' comp legislation. Read more.

- July member update.

- February 25 member update.

- August WCAN member update on proposed 30% increase for workers' comp rates. Read more.

- July WCAN member update on legislation. Read more.

- WCAN publishes its 2010 booklet on California's workers' compensation system

- WCAN member update on insurance rates. Read more.

- WCAN publishes its 2010 booklet on California's workers' compensation system .

- WCAN to co-host Legislative Day in Sacramento April 5-6. Sign up here.


California's latest comp reforms target fraud, Business Insurance. Read more.

California workers' compensation system plagued by high costs and fraud, Cal Matters. Read more.

Study recommends weapons for California provider fraud battle, Business Insurance. Read more.

California's workers comp most expensive, but is it working? East Bay Times. Read more.

- March 31 -- Read the series on "health care scams" in California workers' compensation. Read more.

- March 31 --Profiteering masquerades as medical care for injured California workers. Read more.

- October 9 -- Insurance Journal, Another Report Shows California Workers' Comp Reforms Working. Read more.

- October 8 --, Trendy Health-Care Payment Scheme Hikes Workers' Compensation Costs. Read more.

- September 30 --, Cumulative trauma law bedevils employers, hands fired employees a payday. Read more.

- July 29 -- The Sacramento Bee, California workers' comp costs still on rise. Read more.

- July 27 -- Sacramento Business Journal, California may have finally figured out how to fix workers' compensation. Read more.

- January 20 -- Voice of San Diego, Safety First - Then Come Tough Decisions for S.D. Businesses. Read more.

- May 12, 2015 -- San Jose Mercury News, Workers' comp bill sparks new battle in California. Read more.

- May 8, 2015 -- Los Angeles Business Journal, Insurance commissioner urges workers' comp rate cut. Read more.

- April 23, 2, 2015015 -- Insurance Journal, California reforms lowered medical payments per claim. Read more.

- March 26, 2015 -- 'Excessive' workers' comp costs L.A. taxpayers millions, audits find. Read more.

- November 19, 2014 -- Cal Watchdog, CA work comp costs soaring. Read more.

- November 18, 2014 -- Sacramento Business Journal, Report: California has nation's highest workers' compensation rates. Read more.

- November 17, 2014 -- The Sacramento Bee, California No. 1 in workers' compensation costs. Read more.

- November 14, 2014 -- Insurance Journal, California Commissioner Wants Lower Pure Premium Than Board. Read more.

- September 28, 2014 -- Los Angeles Times, L.A. pays millions as police and firefighter injury claims rise. Read more.

- September 14, 2014 -- Business Insurance, 2013 California workers comp reforms will define market for years to come. Read more.

- August 20, 2014 -- Business Insurance, California comp rating bureau recommends 6.7% rate hike. Read more.

- August 7, 2014 -- Business Insurance, Workers Comp Claims Up 14% in L.A. Area Over Last Three Years. Read more.

- July 18, 2014 -- Business Insurance, Reform Bill Shows Progress Keeping Check on Calif. Comp Rates: Report. Read more.

- July 17, 2014 -- Insurance Journal, California Workers' Comp Officials Continue to Praise Reforms. Read more.

- May 5, 2014 -- California Work Comp Board: 2013 Losses to Hit 11-year High. Read more.

- March 11, 2014 -- Insurance Journal, Cost Savings in California Workers' Comp Reform May Fall Short. Read more.

- March 11, 2014 -- The Sacramento Bee, Dan Walters: Once Again, Workers' Compensation Tinged With Scandal. Read more.

- October 10, 2013 -- Sacramento Bee, Study: Calif. workers compensation overhaul too new to parse. Read more.

- October 3, 2013 -- Insurance Journal, Baker: California's Workers' Comp Reform Showing Signs of Progress. Read more.

- September 24, 2013 -- Los Angeles Times, Questionable workers' compensation claims on the rise, study finds. Read more.

- September 13, 2013 -- Insurance Journal, After Suggested Workers' Comp Rate Hike California Employers Hope Reform Kicks In. Read more.

- July 2, 2013 -- Insurance Journal, Lien Fees Working Out in California Workers' Comp. Read more.

- March 15, 2013 -- Sacramento Business Journal, Business groups fight move to roll back workers' comp reforms. Read more.

- February 23, 2013 -- Los Angeles Times, Athletes Cash in on California's Workers' Comp. Read more.

- December 5, 2012 -- California Healthline, "Jones Proposes Workers' Compensation Rate Hike. Read more.

- December 3, 2012 -- Insurance Journal, "Employers Hopeful for California Workers' Comp Reform. Read more.

- October 21, 2012 -- Business Insurance, California workers comp reform measures have yet to hold down rates.Read more.

- October 19, 2012 -- San Francisco Business Times, Report: California's workers' comp premiums are third highest in U.S. Read more.

- September 27, 2012 -- Business Insurance, Calif. workers comp reforms prompts change to 2013 rate filing. Read more.

July 27, 2012 -- Pacific Coast Business Times, Soaring workers' comp costs threaten California. Read more.

"We want to get this done so its effect is immediate. We can't realize the savings promised unless it's done quickly."

- Marty Morgenstern, former Secretary, Labor and Workforce Development Agency on Senate Bill 863

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